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PB No. 520,
MP Appan Road,
Vazhuthacaud, Thycaud P.O,
695014, Trivandrum,


The mission of BIOTECH INDIA is to revolutionize waste management practices by leveraging the potential of biogas production while prioritizing environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

A core mission is to harness the renewable energy potential of biogas. Through anaerobic digestion, organic waste is converted into biogas, which can be used for electricity and heat production, as well as fuel for vehicles. By generating clean and renewable energy, the company contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change.

We are committed to extracting value from waste by recovering valuable resources during the waste management process. The digestate produced as a byproduct of biogas production is a nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used in agriculture, thereby closing the loop and creating a circular economy approach.

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our mission. By implementing environmentally friendly waste management practices, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing pollution, we aim to minimize its ecological footprint and protect natural resources for future generations.

We, BIOTECH INDIA embraces innovation and actively seeks technological advancements in biogas production and waste management processes. By collaborating with researchers, industry experts, and technology providers, the company aims to continuously improve its operations and explore new possibilities for waste valorization and energy optimization.

We, recognize the importance of engaging with local communities, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies. It aims to foster partnerships, create awareness, and educate individuals and organizations about the benefits of biogas-based waste management. By actively involving the community, the company strives to build a sustainable waste management ecosystem.

Our mission is to transform waste into a valuable resource by utilizing biogas production, generating renewable energy, promoting resource recovery, and safeguarding the environment. Through innovation, collaboration, and community engagement, the company aim to drive positive change in waste management practices and contribute toa more sustainable future.

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