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1) Is there any foul smell coming out when the gas is used for cooking ?
Due to the design developed by BIOTECH there is no foul smell in and around the bio waste treatment plant working with night soil (Human Excreta) as the feed material.

2) How many toilets can be connected to the plant ?
Any number of toilets can be connected to the treatment plant depending upon the number of peoples using the toilet every day, and the size of plant installed.

3) Is there any need for separation of water ?
If there is any excess water, separation facility will help to improve the efficiency of the digester.

4) What is the use of treated water ?
The treated water can be utilized as liquid fertilizer.

5) Is it possible to connect the existing drainage line ?
Existing drainage lines can be connected to the night soil treatment plant designed by BIOTECH.

6) What are the uses of Biogas generated through night soil treatment ?
The bio gas generated through night soil treatment can be utilized for any application similar to biogas generated from other waste materials. Bio gas generated from night soil treatment plants is having Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) the presence of which is a little higher than that is produced from other sources. So it is better to filter / scrub H2S before the utilization of biogas.

7) What are the suitable locations of Night Soil based plants ?
Any public, private institutions, housing colonies, flats and individual houses are the suitable locations.

8) What are the models of Night Soil based plants ?
There are different models of night soil based biogas plants, which are developed by BIOTECH to meet the requirement suitable for different locations.

9) What are the recurring expenses to be incurred for the operation of a plant ?
No recurring expenses are to be incurred for the operation of the plant.

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