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1) What are the advantages of this technology ?
There are many advantages in getting through the integrated waste treatment. The main advantage is that there is no discharge / accumulation of non treated waste or waste water from the plant.

2) What is the need for the technology ?
For the hygienic and complete disposal of the waste multi technology approach is adopted in BIOTECH projects.

3) Quantity of external power required for the operation ?
There is no external power required for the operation of the plant.

4) What is the maximum size of a plant ?
The size of a plant depends upon the quantity of waste it has to treat. Large size plants can be installed based on the quantity of waste available. If the quantity of waste is large, the size of the plant will also proportionally be large.

5) What is the minimum quantity of waste required for the operation of the plant ?
There is no minimum quantity required for the operation of the plant.

6) Is there any environmental problems caused from the plant ?
No environmental problems are created from the plant.

7) What are the byproducts generated from the plant ?
The byproducts generated from the plant are electricity, solid and liquid fertilizer and ash.

8) What are the processes of non-degradable waste disposal ?
The non degradable waste materials are collected in separate bins and transferred to the recycling companies / agencies.

9) Area required for the installation of a plant ?
The area required for One tone capacity integrated waste treatment plant is between 300 to 400 Sq. mtrs.

10) How many operators are required for the operation of the plant ?
Two operators are required for One tone capacity plant.

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