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General FAQ’s

1) How to get BIOTECH plants ?
Those who want to install BIOTECH plants they may contact our Head office or Regional offices.

2) Which is the area of operation of BIOTECH ?
Now BIOTECH is ready to render our services throughout the world.

3) What are the specialties of BIOTECH projects ?
Bio-methanization is the basic technology used in Biotech projects. But the designs of anaerobic digesters are developed by BIOTECH to meet the requirements of different categories of domestic and institutional customers.

4) Is there any recurring expenses for running a project ?
There is no recurring expenses for the regular operation, excluding the operator’s wages and minor servicing charges for electric equipments attached in the plant.

5) What are the possibilities of technical collaboration ?
Now BIOTECH had developed designs and projects, the technology of which can be transferred. Those who are interested in implementing these programmes in a large scale can contact BIOTECH for technical collaboration and technology transfer.

6) Is there any training programme conducted by BIOTECH ?
BIOTECH is conducting regular training programmes for individuals and institutions particularly for those who are really interested in bio energy projects.

7) Space required for the implementation of a project ?
BIOTECH plants are designed to be installed in a minimum space compared with other existing models in the field.

8) Is there any portable plant available in BIOTECH ?
BIOTECH has developed portable domestic and institutional bio waste treatment bio gas plants in accordance with the capacity requirements.

9) Are BIOTECH projects approved by the Govt. of India ?
The portable plants, RCC digesters and waste to electricity plants which are designed and developed by BIOTECH have been approved by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India. So these types of plants installed in India are eligible for the subsidy from MNRE, Govt. of India.

10) What is the payback period of BIOTECH plants ?
With the proper utilization of bio gas and treated solid and liquid bio manure the maximum payback period of BIOTECH projects will be 24 to 36 months.

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